aboutusShaun Gamble is the founder and owner of Veterans Home Inspection. He has been involved in the home inspection industry for years completing hundreds of inspections. His construction experience started in his early teenage years working for a family friend’s construction business over the summer. Through the years of owning homes and making his own repairs, he has seen the need to help homeowners identify discrepancies that could lead to costly repairs.

Shaun completed his training to become a home inspector at Central Piedmont Community College. Since then he has also completed additional training with the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors to ensure the best home inspection service can be given to his clients. His attention to detail and great customer relations has allowed him to succeed as a home inspector.

Outside of pre purchase inspection, Shaun has studied Mechanical Engineering at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte and is a Flight Engineer in the North Carolina Air National Guard. He has spent over 15 years serving his country in the Air Force.